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How to Advise Your Individual Plan Customers 
What to advise your clients ….? Look no further than the recently posted CEO Corner, where EBRM’s Jeff Kubik shares four recommendations to brokers on how to effectively market and service their Individual Health Insurance clients.



Obamacare Coaching Session - Now Online

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Looking to learn what to tell your clients about the impending Obamacare legislation? EBRM will show you how to maintain and increase your book of business without wasting time and money.

View Obamacare Coaching Session Seminar Online


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CEO's Corner article

Protect Yourself with BCS
Errors & Omissions Insurance Coverage

EBRM Offers Guaranteed Issue with Group Discount

A new BCS Errors & Omissions policy, available only to authorized agents of EBRM, is a guaranteed issue insurance plan that features group discounted premiums with two coverage options: individual and agency. Among the plan features is first dollar defense costs and prior acts coverage back to first date of continuous E&O coverage.

“When EBRM notified me that they would be offering E&O coverage, I checked it out and found the plan to be very well priced, below what I had previously been paying,” explains broker John Cassano of John Cassano & Associates of West Chicago. “It was easy to apply for and, just like everything else EBRM does, ended up as a ‘win-win’ for me.”

This Errors & Omissions plan, offered to any EBRM broker with a valid BCBS contract, features a $1,000 deductible on BCBS product-related claims for damages only, and a $2,500 deductible for non-BCBS claims for damages only. Prices start as low as $39.17 per month.

E&O coverage is provided for the sales and servicing of life, accident and health, disability income products as well as mutual funds, variable products, universal life, annuities and section 125, employee benefits plan and self-funding managed health care organizations. For individual policies, coverage extends to administrative, clerical and support personnel while they are acting on your behalf.

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Actual Impact of
Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA)


The impact of PPACA is being felt by businesses large and small as the new regulations have left your clients with fewer health insurance choices and significantly higher health insurance rates.

The most current example of how PPACA is influencing health insurance coverage is the loss of affordable child only policies in the state of Illinois.

Health insurance carriers have been advised the PPACA Law requires that any insurance company which offers affordable stand alone children’s health care polices will be required to issue these policies regardless of the child’s health. This is the equivalent of the Federal Government requiring auto insures to insure new drivers retroactively after they crash their car.

Every major health insurance carrier in the state is withdrawing their Child Only policies from the market. Any carrier that remains or re-enters the Child Only market will do so with a substantially more costly product.

In essence, PPACA has destroyed this affordable product for families to cover their children.

It is important that your clients be informed of the true consequences of this ill-conceived legislation.

Summer 2010 - Grandfathered Plans Webinar
*Now Available Online*

As health care reform continues to be defined by the Obama Administration, the issues surrounding Grandfathered Plans is heating up. What are these Grandfathered Plans? What tax reform changes apply to these plans? How can you make sure to keep a Grandfathered Plan Status? The answers to these and a myriad of other questions were discussed in a FREE Webinar hosted by EBRM on August 5th 2010. A recording of that Webinar is now available here online.

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Providing individual and Group health insurance will increase revenue and customer loyalty.

Go to our Online Training section for tips on how to read a quote, what carriers are available, how to structure rates and more.

The EBRM® Difference 

EBRM’s® high-tech, high-touch approach gives brokers instant expertise in complex health insurance lines. Now, more than ever, you need an Expert in Your Corner, Not a General Agent in Your Pocket.

EBRM brings nearly 30 years in experience to each of our Broker relationships. Our highly trained staff and sophisticated support services are available at no cost to you.


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